Who we are

Thames Bank is led by Colin Morris, supported by Ian Kitchener. Together, they have in depth experience of finance, development, investment and leasing in all the main commercial & residential property sectors.

Colin Morris

Colin has worked in the property industry for the last 25 years. He offers strong financial and all round strategic property expertise, together with a proven ability to read the market and deliver above average returns, whatever the economic climate. Managing complex relationships, including joint ventures and partnerships, is a key part of his skill set. He also has a proven commitment to stick with investments and protect the interest of his investors. At the end of the day, buildings are about people and Colin’s overarching ambition is to provide quality homes and buildings to meet the needs of their occupiers.

Ian Kitchener​

Ian has worked with Colin for 20 years on projects throughout the UK. He sources deals, finds innovative angles to enhance value and creative ways of marketing them. He has worked for 30 years in the office agency market and is a founding partner of findalondonoffice.co.uk. Brought up and educated in the provinces, he is equally comfortable doing business inside and outside London and has a large network of contacts throughout the country.

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