In contrast to more passive investors we actively seek to unlock latent property value

We seek to deploy capital at the strategically right time in the property cycle. We have built up a solid reputation and an extensive network of contacts over several years, which gives us the inside track on opportunities, often before they come to market.

Having the vision and attention to detail to create great new buildings or bring out the best in existing ones is central to Thames Banks’ success.

We develop properties from scratch and also refurbish underperforming assets into modern spaces, which will meet the needs of future generations. We love creating attractive, practical spaces, but will always balance the cost and time of making changes against the expected outcome.

As well as new construction, over the years we have picked up a wealth of experience dealing with the sympathetic refurbishment of listed buildings in conservation areas & landed estates.

We only take on projects that meet our strict criteria for value enhancement. We focus on quality. We buy and sell when our experience – not the mood of the market – tells us to. And we stay with a deal.

From the outset, we have a clear strategy for each investment, both in the way we exploit the building’s potential and the way we structure the deal.

Timing is everything – particularly in a relatively illiquid market. So we aim to have everything from the physical fabric and presentation of a building, to the legal and financial paperwork, in good order at all times. That way, we’re ready to take advantage of any perfect moment or opportunity to sell.

The complexities of planning laws and regulations can be a minefield for the inexperienced, or those lacking in tenacity.

At Thames Bank, we’ve learned to navigate the planning process, whether we’re aiming to obtain a change of use, or permission to build on brownfield, difficult or contaminated land. We’ll manage the application through every stage, employing top professionals to help advance sensitive negotiations with interested parties and planning officials. Once permission is granted, we put our property skills to work in realising our strategy.

In the wake of the commercial property boom that ended in 2007, many funds were left with a problem: how to get maximum value out of the property assets they still held in continued challenging markets.

Our strategic asset management service came about to help these investors find ways of reinvigorating the value of these assets. Over the years, we’ve worked and co-invested in diverse portfolios, including retail, large industrial and office buildings and with a range of tenants, including local and national retailers, FTSE 100 companies and government departments.

In the short term, we use our financial skills to negotiate with lenders and help stabilise banking facilities. Once we’ve created some breathing space, our property skills come into play: we help maximise the value of properties through creative lease management and by exploring latent development potential.

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